Edenir Hernández F

Born in Caracas - Venezuela.

In 2016, she began to dedicate herself to seriously develop what she had always been her passion, art through painting.

At first, she experimented with oil pastel on paper, trying different techniques, but in search of a unique, different striking and more modern style, she began to work with acrylic paint on canvas, thus managing to express herself artistically as she had dreamed of since she was a child.

It seems the closer we get to honest expression, the less we’re able to put words to it. The artist’s identity becomes something ineffable, synonymous with the art itself. So who is Edenir Hernandez? She claims even she doesn’t know that answer, that she discovers herself each day anew. When she does finally find the words to drape her identity on, she’s “normal.” This simple person with a young spirit, brimming with positivity, always seeing a half-full glass. Something like a gentle innocence finding refuge in the silver linings of this devastatingly rich human experience.

If there’s one identity and word she holds above all others, it’s Mother. She’s hopelessly devoted to adoring her daughters, glowing with pride for all they are and may become.

Edenir was born on the 1st of November, in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Painting, drawing, and the world of color has kept her company from her earliest memories. This artistic vein has been an ever-present influence in her life, passed on by her painter father. It’s his footsteps she also sought to follow with art studies in Italy.

Life circumstances never diminished her deep, artistic notions. Whether on napkins or notepads, she was always giving a life to her notions. Always drawing in napkins and papers, the art made its way to never completely vanish beside the circumstances around her life.

Like much of the art we find ourselves in, it comes from loss and all the quiet inner places we dare not tread consciously. She knew her father more through childhood letters than physical presence. A poignant experience; while she was still too young to read, his letters held more drawings than words. Those drawings, her father, taught her to speak with a language more in harmony to who she could be. To who we all could be. Let’s find ourselves in this whimsical language of imagery.  

“Abstract art is not something you can find in a photo, it’s unique. It’s an expression of feelings and internal energies that gives the freedom to interpret to each viewer a one-of-a-kind experience.  So an abstract painting is many artworks in one, more versatile than any other kind of art.”