About Us

Edenir Hernández is a modern abstract artist currently living and working in Miami. She specializes in creating modern large abstract art working with layers of rich textures, acrylics and more. Through her recent abstract art, she is representing her journey to discover various emotions of life.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. She started her journey with oil pastel on paper, trying different techniques but in search of a unique, different striking and more modern style I developed what you see here, my dream.

Edenir has always been a strong believer that positive thoughts become positive things. The artist has developed a process that allows her to connect with the art and allows the paintings to take on a life of their own, reflective of her feelings at that moment. Although she paints with rich layers of texture from memories of distressed structures, she seeks to evoke a sense of calm, peace and serenity in the final outcome. Creativity enables her to break barriers and express her thoughts and beliefs on different subjects. The public eye has widely recognized her natural talent, and her works are now seen in the homes of various collectors and commercials in North America, the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.